Monday, August 31, 2009

Had never heard of this term before but it did remind me of from Black Eyed Peas! Looks to me to be another way of bookmarking useful sites which would be great for libraries compiling info on hot topics etc. Had a look at the Thunder Bay (love that name) site which was very easy to navigate and provided quick, useful links to a number of sites. Great that you can access other users' sites as well - cuts down on your own search time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exercise FD Toys' Trading card maker

Wow! I just didn't know you could do all that with your photos - the possibilities are endless. Very creative ideas and especially useful with Christmas coming up. We had personalised cards and a calendar made last year at a photocopy shop but I think I'll have a lot more fun doing it myself this year.

Flickr exercise

Have just had a good look at Flickr, Can't believe there are so many photos of so many different things! Had a look at some Canadian shots and comments and also some of Milford Beach which didn't have as many comments attached. Got a bit confused when I searched Takapuna Library and quite a few photos of someone on a bunjee jump appeared but it must have been part of a set. I decided to use the site on Staffordshire terriers as my link. Beautiful shots of staffies - my favourites were the white staffies, which is what my late Poppy was. This is the link:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Had never heard of Flickr or mashups before so it's a whole new world but really enjoyed the Flickr color pickr. Looked up flowers under different colours on the colour wheel and was amazed at the variety. I probably wouldn't use the comic strip on Bubblr but can see that some people would find it useful.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Really valued our digital camera when we went overseas last year. Took beautifully clear pictures, especially of the Rocky Mountains and great closeups of wildlife in the far distance (unfortunately no bears or cougers, just mountain sheep and goats). Also used the video option which really brought the atmosphere of the trip back when we played it on our 42" TV when we got home. Downloaded the photos on to our laptop as well so we can take this with us to show friends and family.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

RSS fees

Have just added 6 feeds and found easiest way to do this was to search for the website on Google and follow the RSS feed instructions from there. Found it interesting that some well known publications, such as NZ Women's Weekly, did not have an RSS feed, but other established sites such as Newstalk ZB and NZ Herald easy to link. Love the Unshelved cartoons!
With a lot of help from Sarah I finally understand what an RSS feed is - a shortcut link to selected topics on favourite sites. The instruction videos unfortunately went right over my head and I usually have to do a new task over and over to master it (just like 5th form maths!) but I finally got there. Will find it a great time saver when searching for favourite topics and think it is a great way for libraries to keep uptodate with new developments.