Thursday, September 24, 2009

Library thing

Had quite a lot of fun with this one. Managed to add my five titles (although I added one by mistake and was too scared to delete it after it asked me whether I wanted to delete from 'all collections'!). Interesting to click on links of other bloggers who had chosen the same titles to see their comments.

Image generators

How do you like my new shirt for my 10,000 steps team, the 'Outback Harriers'? I actually managed to do this on my own so I feel quite pleased with myself! Had a lot of fun looking at the different sites (found Generator Blog at bit strange though). I can't believe there are so many bloggers out there with so many ideas and so much free time. Could spend hours concocting all sorts of images and combinations.


A good name for a site that encourages you to play! Very interesting to look at the lists on offer - added a few comments to some of them. Found the favourite TV shows and holiday spots interesting and added a couple of comments to these sites.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Once you get used to the idea of a 'free for all' site (hoping that self regulation really does work!) the usefulness of Wikis does become apparent. By drawing on the combined knowledge of many different participants the maximum material is gathered together in one site and is easily added to or updated. Had a good look at the SJCPL site and was impressed by the variety of information available.
I especially like the idea of using wikis for special projects. I was recently involved in one group project which had about a dozen parties with emails being sent all over the place every day giving different suggestions for content, grammar etc. Instead of having to locate these in my Inbox, it would have been so much easier to have everything in the one place that could be edited by each party, i.e. a wiki.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exercise 10

Found the articles on the future of the web regarding libraries fascinating. Nice to know that libraries and librarians will still play a vital role in the education and leisure time of our patrons even though our roles are, and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our users.
We are now becoming navigators charting a smooth passage to the most relevant information (which is what we always have been) but the navigation tool is now so different and evolving at such a fast rate. It's so important for us to keep up with the latest developments otherwise what help are we to our users?
(Loved the idea of 'superstar' librarians - our 15 minutes of fame will come!)